Important Announcement!

As of Saturday, November 17, 2018 new users will no longer be able to download Text Desk. This announcement does NOT affect existing users! Existing users can continue to use Text Desk as long as desired. Please refer to FAQ #19 below for additional information.

What is Text Desk?

We believe your time, productivity and intellectual focus are very important while you are diligently working at your PC. Interruptions can lower your productivity level and hinder your focus. Text Desk aims to help you stay focused on your current task while maintaining your current level of productivity by conveniently displaying text messages sent to your smart phone right on your Windows PC.

System Requirements

Text Desk requires a Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet and an Android powered smart phone running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or later. You MUST download and run Text Desk on both your devices.


Want a sneak peak at what Text Desk looks like? We've included some screenshots of Text Desk for Android and Text Desk for Windows 10 to get you started. We also included a couple screenshots of some of the background pictures you can choose from to customize Text Desk to your liking. If you have suggestions on other types of backgrounds you would like to see included with Text Desk please enter an enhancement request using the contact form below.

Click a thumbnail to view the full size picture.

Text Desk Screenshot
Text Desk Screenshot
Text Desk Screenshot
Text Desk Screenshot
Text Desk Screenshot
Text Desk Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

We've worked hard to make Text Desk as user friendly as possible but sometimes we do still get questions on how to perform certain tasks. Here are some of the questions (and answers) that we get asked. If you feel as though we are still missing something here please let us know by using the contact form below.

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Support and Troubleshooting


Text Desk app ratings and reviews are very important to us. We truly want our cloud texters to be completely satisfied with their purchase. If you are experiencing any issues please give our talented support staff a chance to help you validate your Text Desk configuration before posting negative reviews or 1 star ratings. We can almost guarantee that the issue you are experiencing is isolated to your configuration. It's so easy to be that "ninja quick, 1 star click" user that only rates apps when they suck. We encourage our users to rate apps they love too!

Antivirus Solutions

We have seen some instances where Kaspersky's antivirus software will automatically block Text Desk from accessing the internet. If you are having any problems with Text Desk, first check your antivirus settings. You may need to manually configure your antivirus software to fully trust (or ignore) Text Desk. Please refer to Kaspersky's support website for more information.


You can test your Text Desk configuration by selecting which device you would like to test (mobile phone or PCs) and entering your Text Desk pairing code (including the dashes) that you obtained from the FREE Text Desk for Android app running on your phone. Both your smart phone and Windows 10 PC must be turned on, connected to the internet, and running Text Desk for these tests to succeed.

Device Testing


We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can make Text Desk better or are experiencing a problem. It goes without saying that any information you supply in the form below will not be shared with anyone.